Saturday, July 11, 2015


I tend to struggle with a one-track mind, like a car that's speeding straight into a tree trunk. And while I'm on the verge of tears with frustration, there'll inevitably be someone - or a gaggle of someones - who are grinning like ducks and making jokes out of the whole situation. This has always had the effect of making me feel like a Class A Idiot.

But some people have the unbelievably rare ability of tickling you to giggles despite your wrath and ire; and those are the peeps who've kept me somewhat human the past month, I guess. 'Cause I've caught myself actually glaring a few times already. Such as: 

I don't care about your glory days, just tell me what I need to know for the test and let me go home. 

But here's the strange, strange thing that I don't intend to take advantage of, because y'know, I actually want to have a future: some kinds of people actually get more eager to please the angrier you get. You would've thought irritation begets irritation, but it doesn't...not always. Ahem. Note to self: .... stop glaring. 

On a whole 'nother note, ladeedumdumdummmm. 

On another note, heh, I actually started writing this as... Well, it was either going to be a distraction or a vent. But one must face it all, right? Equably if possible, but however we have to if not. 

The cool thing about allergies is that they're usually worse the second time you're exposed to it, the way a bee sting anaphylaxis can kill the second time. 

So I should have been expecting it, but you didn't exactly register as something so pest-like as an allergy; just a nuisance, a bother, a manipulator, and all the other good stuffs. Now you register under infarction-causing, and I just don't know, really. 

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