Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Ways of Living

We tend to believe that we are alone in our personal hells, but that isn't true.

It does cross our mind that, being another human, he or she must have had tough times too. But it's somehow hard to acknowledge that he has gone through the same amount of hardship, the same amount of pain - that he has walked down a path that was similar in sheer despair; the same mind-numbing deadness, the same whirling confusion and anger and disgust all jarring together in the little space of brain. And your heart aches. And your soul seems nowhere to be found. Did he go through that too? Is it possible?

I think acknowledging this...requires us to be better people. It forces us to give others the benefit of the doubt. It makes us more gentle, more humble, more sensitive. But most of all, it also allows us to be kind to ourselves - to give ourselves a little hug, to tell ourselves that we're not alone.

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