Tuesday, June 30, 2015

I'm back (?)

That is to say, I've written so many unpostables (drafts) that they fill up the screen and beyond; I figure that any more and it'll become a farce of sorts. Like, post already!

Right now I'm waiting for my mom to read my text and drive back home... 'Cause class ended early and I left without waiting for her to pick me up. And my phone ran out of battery, so I couldn't call.

Yes, there are at least three things I could have done to make this a better situation. I didn't do them. So I guess I made her mad. I guess I indirectly wasted some petrol. I guess I did wrong.

I think I'll escape for a run or something once I finish typing this.

So, uh, have I sorted out my life?

Funnily enough I think that's not...quite...I mean, if I was going to wait until I had really gotten my stuff together, I would be posting in a few years' time. Or more. But I need to write to sort my thoughts out, and I need to post because I'm an egomaniac.

In short, no.

On the bright side, because there is always a bright side, there are some happy unicorns cavorting in a field of sunflowers. I'm on the other side, but that's not to say things are all bad. And being delusional is nice sometimes, too.

I figure one day I'll know how to be there for myself. Maybe I'll also figure out how to be strong enough to be strong for others. I'd like to find my own rock amongst the waves - a big rock - an island - with a parasol, iced drinks and cool breezes - and I'd be able to stand in its calm and watch the waves undulate, breathe the salt spray, do all the other stuff that makes life worth living.

WINNER - empty