Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Most Important

The feeling that is so many things tangled into one; that lies heavy aching yet floats in your chest, where it seems nothing can dislodge it. It feels like the pet fish you didn't love died; like a crushed snail on the sidewalk; like someone you don't know crying alone in a room...like a paper cut and a careless burn.

It feels like the scent of cherry blossoms and the first warm thing after hours in a cold room.

It feels like it will never go away...

Yet I can break it down into its parts:

The thousand things we need to know, but don't.
The military exam on friday and my textbook.
Learning to break bad news.
The Silence.
The Trashed.
The Temper.
The Disappointment.
But most importantly, Pandora, the Hope!
Catch it! And don't let go!

Billy Boyd - the last goodbye

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