Friday, June 12, 2015

Not a Litany Against Tears

Sometimes when I feel like crying I laugh for the heck of it. The pressure eases, and things seem a little brighter, a little less constricted.

Unfortunately I may never understand why some people choose to be mean. Maybe they didn't have the opportunities to learn, or to understand that others' feelings are as valid as their own.

And sometimes tears build simply because of disappointment or sorrow... the sorrow of parting. of regret. or guilt.

I will laugh because I know I can overcome these things. I will laugh because nobody else really cares about esoteric things like others' pain or hurt or feelings; everyone's too preoccupied with their lives, wants, and needs.

Finally, I will laugh even when the hurt is psychosomatic (when it's physical, just wail!), because I refuse to allow anyone to affect me make me cry. Unless it's love. I guess tears are the best medicine for that.

Big words indeed.

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