Thursday, May 21, 2015

Some days we just need the courage to go on.

I don't have any big words or ideas for this. It sucks. I hate days like that.

This afternoon my mom told me one of my dad's oldest and best friend passed away. I was reading a book.


"This morning."

Silence. I really didn't want to know more.

Aaaaaargh the feeling of banging on brick walls.

I remember when I was a little kid (~ 4 years old) I suddenly, for no reason I can think of, had this realization of what death was. A few seconds later I realized one day my parents were going to die. And then I figured out how to use the house phone and, crying, called my dad and asked him daddy are you going to die? 

I remember he was in a meeting cause there was the sound of people talking in a room, and he said, No dear, I'm in a meeting now, can we talk about it when I get home? 

Although I don't think we ever talked about it, lol.

Go away, sucky day! :P

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