Monday, May 11, 2015

想念, hair, bear, 想念, sleep xoxo

Is it strange that I feel like something's missing when I'm in my room and...totally alone? I can't have it both ways - being alone, and being with people. And yet -?
I guess there are 5 people in my life to whom the rules of my life do not apply. Awesome :)

Plus I really slept like a baby in bangkok haha! Ironic that it's harder to sleep in my own room.

K; on a brighter note today I cut my hair!!! I asked him to cut it short but not too short, and while he started snipping, I started playing online chess. :/

Now I have the same haircut as my primary school classmate! I asked him to make it less uh guai, showing my nails to prove that I was a bad kid. HAHA. The best part is that the person behind me had a blonde mohawk. On the badness scale I think I slid a hundred points.

(...) (and he didn't change the hairstyle.)

So now, Manny Pacquiao the Bear is in some corner, apparently too dirty for my bed, waiting to get washed (as if I'm cleaner than a soft toy? I have epidermal germs! Manny has...I don't know, fluff? Dust balls?). My bed feels like a hundred meters long. Regina Spektor is telling me about the voices in her head, Paloma Faith tells me only love can hurt like this. sigh.

Alright, I am an intelligent being. I will bathe and get to sleep.


  1. "My bed feels like a hundred meters long" HAHAHA relativity

  2. LOLLL I totally had that coming!! x'D