Saturday, April 11, 2015

The first step is to care, Tukks’s voice seemed to whisper....It’s good to care when you fight, so long as you don’t let it consume you. Don’t try to stop yourself from feeling. You’ll hate who you become.
The Way of Kings (The Stormlight Archive #1), Brandon Sanderson 

It's new. It's refreshing. Someone social and intelligent, and kind. Who knows how to draw on others, endear others, not only to survive but in order to thrive. It's so different from what I know, what I'm used to, and interesting. 
And The Way of Kings is brilliant. It's a book with heart, and creativity, and characters that you can love. A style of writing that brings me straight into the hazy crash of limbs and steel, the screaming and desperation of the battlefield, but also...the city, the strange people and their ways, the cold air and marble floor. 

I was talking with my mom about my tahan friends today, and you know, we're the best team ever. And the people who make up the 36th are so, well, themselves in certain ways - they're unique, and wonderful.

I'll always be grateful to y'all. Come rain, shine or pms, you guys will always have a special place - a big, comfy, plushy and fun and loving special place - in my heart. 

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