Sunday, April 5, 2015

question 1: would I wait 4 months to read a book?
answer: still pending

question 2: am I sick?
answer: I am not sick. My nose has only decided to turn into a tap, and I have not (yet) convinced it that it has made a bad career choice.

I am not sick.

Ok. Maybe just a little.

You know there's also a thing about telling med students (med people, for that matter) that you've caught a cold. I mean, they're absolutely wonderful about it! The 'are you ok', 'can I do anything', 'you should get some rest. skip some school' comes out, plus the sympathetic looks and people treating you with +++care and compassion. I...think...I can be like that too.

Only it makes me feel so guilty! Like I'm taking advantage of their kindness, strange as it sounds. Does it sound strange? I don't know. My nose is a tap and my head is stuffed with cotton wool. Everything sounds strange down here.

Bottom line is I didn't tell them. And I won't, because I don't want...because....the whole thing makes me uncomfortable? :'(

Now that I've gotten my sick rant (that sounds so unlike what I mean, but you get it) out of the way, I can answer question 1: maybe not! Especially if it's A Darker Shade of Magic. Let me finish the preview and get back to y'all...or back to sleep, depending.

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