Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Jascha Heifetz and everything unrelated

"Mr Heifetz?"


"I-I'm in the violin class. And I would like to know how long you think it would take for a person like myself to learn to play like you."

"Well, if you study - really hard - and concentrate...a great deal...I should say it would take you at least three months." 

Portrait of an Artist, interview of Jascha Heifetz*

The most precious commodity is time. 

And in time we will 'understand', we will 'grow up', we will become adults. Yet all I see is that as time passes many disappoint themselves, not by their misses but by their excuses and the knowledge that all of it is just...excuses. They get their hands dirty, and apparently it's the only way to survive.

How long does a person have to live before justifications and excuses become morality, rules, and the only right way to live?

I don't really know if time is precious or not. All I know is that as it trickles on we're supposed something. And we're not really sure what that is, but really the obvious, free-of-spiked-pits path is the one that everyone else is taking, because goshdarnit they're still alive, aren't they? 

Aren't they?

*Heifetz is considered to be one of the greatest violinists of all time


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