Wednesday, March 4, 2015

I know I should be doing something other than sitting here, listening to...(who is that?) sing oldies - you can't go wrong with oldies -; a song which, at the time he was singing it, probably was the newest hip thing around; and wondering why it has to be a full moon.

It's just been a really strange day, with all sorts of strange coincidences.

Doesn't everyone want to be someone they can be proud of? Why do we have to get in the way of ourselves?

Cheers! Here's to more coherent posts.

Here's to life, to change, to happiness; to hope, to shame and despair, to sadness and all the other things that make life, living. To ego and arrogance and fear and the things that we wish slept under the bed instead of on it. To kindness and sincerity and empathy, to protectiveness and solidarity and companionship.

So cheers, sans music and shouting and the clinking of glasses heralding the spray of froth, cheers to nothing but the fact that this can't go on forever.

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