Monday, March 9, 2015

Where are you?

Here's where I'm going to be completely selfish and say: I want my brother. I want him for no other reason than he'd be there, he'd be tapping away at his computer and ignoring the world, unless he's asking me to get him burgers or ice cream.

He'd pop into my room and tell me good luck out of the blue, he'd bother me with nonsense things which would (eventually) make me smile - and he'd scoot when I was high in the throes of paper-tearing panic.

And exam-prep aside, he'd tell me that if I go into something thinking it'd suck, then it would. So I might as well go in with a smile.

He's always been there when I start thinking shootmeplease, there for me to bother and make him eat weird stuff and say nonsense things to.

I guess no matter how bad it gets - and I don't think it will be bad at all, in fact it may even be good - I can learn to...

I can learn.

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