Monday, February 16, 2015

the road to hell

Say it again;

(the cold air hot coffee music with a beat)

say it again, while I pause the song and stop breathing;

but the noise is loud and people are crowding, the cup is overturned--

Say it again, please, you have my full attention.

But there is one thing just one that is fundamentally wrong, and that is

that I am the air, the tuneless sound, the cup lying in a dark pool on the floor.

Yet - I am listening. And I hear

your good intentions.

Stephen King once said that when we write, first we write for ourselves. Then we have to rewrite it and make it a story for everyone.

Unfortunately, most of the time I write for myself. Sorry.

Flying to Bali tmr morning! Yes haha I will write my heart out now so that I can survive 5+ days without. But actually I'm bringing my computer there. And my homework. But we all know that won't get done in Bali.