Tuesday, February 24, 2015

#967: hearing from an old friend

Actually, I wanted to put #discovering another window in my dorm room that can be opened and mon dieu! Fresh air!

Or maybe #learning slang in other languages, so I can communicate properly when I travel

But then I received an email from Y, and of course that tops all. Even ice cream and waffles. Which...I did not have :( But I digress!

Y is...hum hum. Y is the girl who wrote one page for our Language Arts exam and came out top in class, who played the piano in my house and drew everyone out from their rooms because it was just that good, whose writings can take your breath away -

- there were like 3 of us in class who daydreamed in our notebooks, because class was so boring. There may have been more, but they were better at not getting caught. lol. -

Basically she's this super small, talented, fair-skinned person ^^/  We got along, because we both wrote stuff and...it's just one of those things. *click*

Now she's in Boston studying arts and music, which is pretty awesome!

I'll just end this with an abundance of happiness ≧^◡^≦  After all, even I have a limit for deep dark and quasi-meaningful stuff :)

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