Tuesday, December 30, 2014

No one can judge. Each person knows the extent of their own suffering or the total absence of meaning in their lives. 
- Paulo Coelho, VDTD

"Whenever I see someone write half a page and then near the end say, 'In summary...' I always think: well, why didn't you just say that instead?"

I remember reading that from somewhere, and it made me laugh. Even though I try not to, I tend to over-write, because writing is fun! But mountains of text aren't, so I will try harder haha.
Have you ever told yourself that when x happens/is achieved then I will be able to do z? And I mean, for something bigger than homework procrastination, or getting out of bed (when I wake up I will wake up LOL) or checking my texts heh.

I wonder when I started believing I needed qualifications in order to live my life. Not get a job, but live a life. But then, maybe I do. Still, I'm sure that there aren't any needed to work towards a dream.

And also, well, the quote at the beginning is tongue-in-cheek, I think. People who haven't ever tried to find meaning in life will never know the extent to which they have not lived. Correct? (Just read the book!! HAHA)