Wednesday, December 17, 2014

#970: traveling alone

Instead of going into all the normal, boring, mind-numbing series of "Yes tasmania was fun, the outdoors was wonderful, beautiful, I saw animals and SNAKES yes I did they were so.......scary, and the people were nice but some kids were racist, the taxi drivers were nice but I was paying them after all, the receptionist offered his phone when I realized I was in an area with no (wifi) reception, so he offered me his, which was a pun I found hilarious later. I got bitten on the head by a leech and woke up with blood in my hair. I slept in huts along the trail in the same room as a frenchwoman and a mexican man (cutest couple ever). Yes! You should go to tassie too!"

instead of all that, I shall say, #970: traveling alone.

it really is one of the thingsthatmakemehappy.

however, when I was eating breakfast alone after the trail, I was just staring at the empty chair opposite and imagining people filling it. It was kinda lonely, yes. after breakfast, it got more fun haha.  (commence the series of disconnected paragraphs!)

Definitely learned a lot about Tony Abbott and how he's wrecking the country with his policies.

I finally learned the name of what scares me quite a bit: a blank page. The book of nothing. But it wasn't quite true, because emptiness doesn't feel scared. Maybe I'm just a wordless cover page. Or maybe all I am is a cover page. I hope that means I can fill the book in with things I like.

There was a combat wombat.

Skinny dipping in a lake with three aussies and one NZ woman, which was so cold but so fun! Shrieklaughwashclothesinwaterlaughswimpraynoonecomeswalkingbycausewe'reall....uh.

Getting aaaAAAHHGH lost three days in a row.

Ummm, Iranians are mostly persians. Yes. Shocking. Truly shocking.

Mr Taxi Driver, Col, who on the way to the airport taught me that people really are unafraid of asking travelers the most personal questions (because what are the chances of seeing them a second time? Slightly less than zero?). And also that travelers are really unafraid of answering them.

I don't ever want to eat plane food again. Not that it tastes absolutely horrible. I just...never want to. Well, maybe plane apples are ok, lol.

Playing Mafia, which is really that card game Murderer, in the dark of night, in the unlighted huts, on wooden benches all squished together leg to leg. Awesome fun.

Oh, right, and I'll try not to say ever again, I don't understand why people would do that to themselves. Claiming that something is completely incomprehensible is the most superficial way to absolve myself from empathy, from knowing that if I were him, I might do it too. Which is also completely scary. Thank goodness I'm me.

Amen to that!

Ed Sheeran - afire love