Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Words are the strangest things; how can they, so insubstantial, make one so happy? And how can they hurt so much?

(sticks and stones may break my bones...osteogenesis imperfecta...)

In the end, no matter the circles in my mind, again I find that I am the greatest danger to myself. Yet it is not so easy, it is never easy, to live as a human being. I'm insensitive, and rude, and I expect much of others while giving myself slack.

There were things my mom used to tell me I was too young to understand. Hearing that, I thought that no matter the age there were things which remained plain and simple! Of course, the perennial truth remains, and she was right. I wish I could see now what I will see when I'm 50. But I can't.

It's okay, because there is a certain wisdom at 20 that is as unique as that of 50 years. Or maybe I mean pigheaded stubbornness. Or blinkered intensity. Whatever it is, and perhaps it is just that this is a time of gentle, or insistent, or furious soul searching, whatever it is... just needs to gather that not inconsiderable amount of courage to face tomorrow, and the endless strings of days following after...? Face tomorrow, again and again, until we can no longer. When that time comes we ask for help from others, don't we? 'Cause that's what people do? I don't really know!

look out for small happy things#


Close my eyes and imagine a tiny, tiny me leap out from my arm, as if through a container of some sort, and take off running.

Open my eyes and I wish the night would never end.

Vance Joy x Daniela Andrade x Walk Off The Earth - riptide (cover)