Saturday, October 11, 2014

The sphere of moonlight illuminated a small patch of grass, and exactly in its middle stood the raccoon. Unaware that he was being watched, he gazed at the moon silently, an unmoving onyx statue.

Earlier, the girl had jolted awake from a nightmare, and instinctively looked for her companion. The vestiges of her terror had still been clinging to her as she caught sight of the raccoon, barely visible in the short distance.

Who knew how long he had been standing there? Puzzled, she watched silently. It was a fey picture that he made, black fur glinting in the cold rays, an indistinguishable line dividing where his fur ended and his shadow began.

Contemplating the strange picture, she felt something strange shift in her chest. It was as if an object stuck in mud long hardened was kicked, and now it flew out, spraying dirt as it went. It felt almost like fear, but it was sad.

When she finally returned to the campsite, a long time had passed, and by then her night terrors had disappeared. Her strange feeling had not, but she did not think more of it, and slept the sleep of no dreams.

Excerpt from Tales for Young Cubs, 6th Edition


You have to feel the fear that you can't do it in order to overcome it and launch into proving which of the two is right. 
Run or Die, by Kilian Jornet