Sunday, October 12, 2014

The anger and reverence characteristic of youth seem to allow themselves no peace until they have falsified men and things in such a way that they can vent themselves on them - youth as such is something that falsifies and deceives. Later, when the youthful soul, tormented by disappointments, finally turns suspiciously on itself, still hot and savage even in its suspicion and pangs of conscience: how angry it is with itself now, how it impatiently rends itself, how it takes revenge for its long self-delusion, as if it had blinded itself deliberately! During this transition one punishes oneself by distrusting one's feelings; one tortures one's enthusiasm with doubts, indeed one feels that even a good conscience is a danger, as though a good conscience were a screening of oneself and a sign that one's subtler honesty had grown weary; and above all one takes sides, takes sides on principle, against 'youth'. - A decade later: and one grasps that all this too - was still youth!

Beyond Good And Evil, Ch 31, Friedrich Nietzsche

I think Nietzesche has a good writing style and many outrageous opinions. He was revolutionary, is currently disliked by some, but at the same time may be easy to misunderstand.

I found the book in Israel, which is very ironic, considering those whom his words have reached... (ie. Hitler).

See, travel is amazing. The ripples spread. Onwards to australia!