Tuesday, October 7, 2014

motivation is always fleeting for me. like everything else, for everyone else. this ephemerality just constantly shadows the feeling;

(did you know we can sit and face our shadows, easily?)

this time I will treasure the whole, and not let it go.

on a side note, baking really is an act of....much dedication. haha. I think it is possible to classify people into the type of bakers they are. ---shoo, go bake something! then read on >v<

1. Burn bakers
do their own stuff while the cookies are in the oven, and are too lazy to check every 5 mins. even the last 5 mins.

2. OCD bakers
read a book in front of the oven, poke the cookies with toothpicks regularly. needs to bake a huge batch if intending to make a cookie gift, so there are un-poked pretty cookies left.

3. Impatient bakers
use premixes.

4. Outward-appearances-are-key bakers
read everything about baking and baking decorations. have really wonderful looking end products, behind which is an enormous amount of research.

5. Happy-go-lucky bakers
make some really weird stuff sometimes. recipes? what recipes?

6. Bachelor bakers (okay, I think it's really obvious I'm having lots of fun with this now!)
5 min, 10 min max recipes. no-bake cheesecakes are king!

7. Idealistic bakers
put in a superfood ingredient inside, which is the star of the oven! are extremely proud of their superfood cookie :)

8. Non bakers
don't bake  ._.