Saturday, August 23, 2014

#982: Stairways

Especially those at the back of HDB's, because I certainly don't mean the mrt ones haha.

Whyyyy are they great? Well, cause they're like secret backdoors, the backstage of reality! All the things that go on without people seeing, like the parts of an event that don't get put on film. It still happened anyway.

It has to be a nice staircase though...not too dark or uh smelly.

What people do at places like this:
Hang clothes
Put plants
Park bike, exercise machine, and old furniture
Climb? Lol.
and more.

That's right, awesome.


1. It takes less effort to change than to endure
2. If you choose to change things, remember to bring humour with determination. Laugh about it. Sure beats getting upset.