Tuesday, August 26, 2014

#981: When you can't stop laughing

I know yanrui makes up like 90% of this category, because he can really press my laugh unlimited button. Yay yanrui. Makes me laugh till I cry, this person.

Today during our Clinical Skills Foundation Programme (CSFP) tutorial, we had to take a patient's history. There shouldn't be too much pressure 'cause it was just an actor pretending to be a patient, but hey! They act well. 

Me: (after opening and introduction and agenda setting etc) Can you tell me more about your knee pain? 

Patient: Ahh, this pain is really bad, crippled me...

Me: What you? Sorry, I mean can you say that again?  (he had this epic accent so I didn't catch that) 

Patient: Huh? 

Me: Can you say that again? (he was giving me this blank stare) ...please? 

Patient: My knee hurts? 

Me: No! I mean...I mean after that.  

Patient: ...?? Ahhh, this pain is really bad, crippled me...  ??? 

Me: *starts laughing*

Me: (figured out he meant crippled, but the situation is so ridiculous that I -) *can't stop laughing* 

'cause he was saying crippled like keruppled, and I was wondering whether something was growing in his leg or something. 

Anyway he started laughing but we were being timed so he had to continue and I had to continue, and there was this middle aged man chuckling while he talked about his excruciating knee pain and me in a white coat laughing while I listened. hahaha. so funny. 

I was so nervous I really messed up though! Like, more than the laughing thing. 

Me: on a scale of 1 to 10 how bad is your pain? 

Patient: if 1 is very painful, it is a 3. 

LOL I forgot to specify that using the traditional pain scale 10 is supposed to be very painful. But I didn't notice he flipped it. So I was like: Hmm, okay, that's not too bad...

Me: Do you smoke or drink? (Mistake!! Asking double questions is something we are not supposed to do) 

Patient: Smoke? Drink? I smoke don't drink...Drink don't smoke...wait...(here I cut in trying to save my mistake as he continues his smoke don't drink drink don't smoke monologue - he is having lots of fun doing this. Seriously.) 

Me: Do you smoke? Do you smoke? Do you smoke???? >o< (he refuses to listen to me, or I'm talking too softly. This has almost turned into a comedy show.) 

I better practice on my brother or something so I pass the CSFP exam!