Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I think what's most important is a strong sense of right and wrong. 

and then I saw his sentiments - the right answer but - like a beam back - oh my god. she's going to suffer. 

sometimes I wonder when the 12 of you are raising your kids, going about work, in the car on the way home, drinking coffee on the patio raised over stacks of firewood - do you ever think about, well, me? 

I've never thought that way before. 

But do you? ever remember the little asian girl who was so small and looked like a kid, completely - the girl who was quiet and so sensitive, prickly like a cactus and so easily offended. 

the one who really, really needed to be right so she didn't speak up unless she was pretty sure it was a right answer. (oh yeah). a perfectionist. expressed inclusion - 0; wanted inclusion - 9; the girl who cried for the weight of the world on your shoulders, that weight which will be passed to the next generation. 

where will I be in the future? well, where will we be? it doesn't matter, as long as what we strived for is worth it to us, isn't it?

makes you think about it think about it doesn't it - Natasha Bedingfield