Saturday, February 22, 2014

Abstractly, since scientifically it cannot be put across:

She speaks with such irreverence about experiences thick as blood. You stare at the grey shadows, in the dark room walling elastic air. Everything fresh and light and cool has skittered outside. 

Your partner has stared at his feet long enough. Your mentor is, Facial Expression 101: angry. But his eyes are not angry. The lines at the edge of his lips are not from anger. The suspicious brightness of his eyes quiver on the woman holding back tears beside you. 

It has been ninety minutes. We have been sitting for ninety minutes and she has not stopped talking. You have not started breathing. 

Gradually a sense of unreality has risen around you; you think this cannot be real. This is a nightmare. 

Facial Expression 101 is watching, and that awareness clears the seethe - the walls are grey because of shadows, curling brown is from the tables and cupboards and old picture frames. Except - the pictures they hold- 

She asked you something. You jolt back in the damning silence. 

Okay. She holds your hand. You squeeze it gently and it passes. 

That night you have nightmares. The next day you sleep, too much, but the dreams won't stop. 

Today you write, now you stop writing. You feel like maybe you can start breathing again. 

The world is not beautiful; And that, in a way, lends it a sort of beauty.
- Kino's Journey