Saturday, December 21, 2013

Ohno it really is going to take some time. It's as if I'm still stuck in that room.

On self-absorbancy - that was a relationship cultivated on elements of genuine, but childish, self-absorbed maturity (meaning it had minimal breadth). That was the good part, the bad was the superficiality necessary to allow the days to repeat themselves. 

flashbacks of my insufferableness. I'm struggling to find solid footing. 
humble pie. 
fuck I apologise to myself for being an ass. who needed to be better because she felt lesser. just like that, I absolve myself of feeling horrible. it won't happen again. 
"Before every new beginning, there must first be an ending. That is why with every beginning there is always a sense of loss, because no matter how small it is, a loss is a loss."

That is my small sadness. Something began, something ended, and I only just realized it. 

Though what remained unchanged is the important people and their (important, lol) place in my heart.
And congrats! Good job! I'm proud, though with what right I wonder.

I See Fire - Ed Sheeran