Thursday, November 28, 2013

I just don't do this kind of rainy weather :/

Do you think there are little ghosts sitting in empty car seats? it feels a little like there are. not ominous or threatening, I mean, just…translucent residues of the driver's feelings collected in a space.

Anyway I was thinking a little about it last night (and it popped up as a saved draft)

this is my current bogus theory:
people find grief beautiful, or at least attractive in a pensive faraway sort of manner.
and, people find cheerfulness attractive too!

it's really a little annoying, this theory, fake or not. never mind. it's the unfair hanging-around wisps from when I cared too much.

what has med school been teaching you? Now, I know you were being sarcastic :D but I sort of stopped and thought.

this is what I love to learn, when I can start reading a chapter and stop only cause I'm studying on the floor in my room (the table's too messy HAHA) and my back hurts and hey, it's been two hours! but it's also very sad. I know other people feel it too, but I'm not sure how to deal with it without pushing it away.

the scariest part is, we're adaptable. we are adapting. we have adapted, and that's noticeable in some small things that don't strike me until a while later. things we can laugh over. things we can do without instinctive repulsion. places we can laugh.

I think it's because one way or another we have to continue living. so, we have to cope, somehow.

hey, we get badder, we get kinder.