Friday, September 27, 2013

Overseas attachment to israel paramedics!! can I go can I go can I go?? :D my dad is the deciding factor :O my mom told me 'we just recalled our soldiers from afghanistan and now you want to go israel?'. I fail to see the connection. except they're both kind of dangerous...but I still want to go!

Ex Leo! what a surprise to see the names of two friends. I miss them.
well I disappeared from their lives. (I'm good at that). Good luck girls. From the bottom of my heart 

and today my mom bought rhubarb, which means:

more rhubarb pie?? :D this topic must be getting old, but I refuse to believe I cannot bake a really good rhubarb pie! hahahaha. okok.

Smsed! ^^/ really really glad :)

what if you were me and faced what I face every day? 
what if I were you? 

Five For Fighting - What If