Sunday, September 29, 2013

I read The Accidental Husband a while ago, actually. In fact, the book is sitting on the shelf somewhere beside me.

I just didn't want to -.

At the same time, I really believe there is some kind of innocuous but intuitive understanding, or at least understanding is the best word I can think of now.

Talking about words (aha.) do people realize the trap of scientifically accurate words? Would you say 'his muscles are withdrawing' or would you say 'his muscles are atrophying'?

A word which accurately defines a condition, its symptoms and all that it signifies is best for everyone in a clinical setting, when there's so much at stake. It also wipes off all emotion. When someone says what they feel - the fact that their dad is shrinking away, it doesn't accurately describe what is biologically going on, but it sure does show a lot of other things. Like how helpless they feel. Or the shrunken despair that lies in the hospital beds that they can't help but want to avoid, even if it is their dad.

It was 10pm and I stood sweating and stared at her. If I can't, I replied, who will? Will you? 

No I can't, she replied with an awkward laugh, and I turned away feeling hollow. Somehow even anger had been dampened and wouldn't light. 

And most times that's all 'strength' is. It's essential weakness holding up a burden. 

Five For Fighting - Story Of Your Life