Monday, September 23, 2013

I judge the things I bake by the rate of disappearance aka how fast my brother finishes it off ^^ so I need to make the rhubarb pie a second time. A better one!

but it was pretty yummy, really :) 

the bbq was really fun! and I love how the M3's and above told so many stories about their ward rounds. I was going around with eyes like ** yes, yes, tell me more!! And hahhah ivanlow and I decided to buy milk and ice cream along with the drinks that M1's were supposed to buy. banana milk is really weird. but I have a monkey and banana cup, which is perfect to drink it in! 

to have the guts and the skill to try and make an impact the way you tried it on me. but even if I had it, I wouldn't do it that way. that was underhanded, you know? 

fun ^^

I take a long time to process things. sometimes certain events will come back to me a week later, and then I realise things I didn't before. sometimes a month. sometimes... 

by the way, my mom reserves the term sweet for such a select select few. be honoured. heh :D