Saturday, September 21, 2013

I am going to make a RHUBARB PIE. Now, I suppose, if there is time (there's a SAF bbq tonight!) and if I get up the courage to do it - courage because I tried a bit of raw rhubarb (have to know what it tastes like before baking it, and only the leaves are poisonous

-no kidding, seriously poisonous-

and it tasted quite unlike anything I've eaten before, which, y'know, makes sense because I've never eaten raw rhubarb before.) Yes it's completely obvious now that I'm EXCITED!!

on a side note, when I read manga now and someone gets his neck bitten by a demon dog, the first thing I think of is what arteries are there? what nerves and muscles? what kind of damage is done, to what degree, and what must be done to save his life? and then I think

ohmygoshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and keep scrolling.