Thursday, June 20, 2013


10 day fieldcamp over! Come back to singapore and enter the land of smoke.

After next week I'll be more or less starting uni life. There's loads of stuff to do, like getting my medical checkup, signing my scholarship deed, getting ready for school. Sian. But this is probably part of most of life. Planning and preparing for what comes next.

I learned that no one is ever at the top of the food chain; no one is ever the best.

I learned that there are no bad or good people, generally. There are only good or bad combinations of people, and situations.

I found out what is, sort of, the most and the least important to me.


I wish I could disappear into the air, into the surrounding smoke. Staying outfield so long is a stretch on bearable.

There really are no good or bad people. Life used to be so much more black and white.

A puff of nothingness can't do anything for anybody. And it would be boring. This is fine.

There are many things under this hazy sky that I miss. Wherever I am, I think that there will always be.