Wednesday, April 17, 2013

in a room

"do you know how lucky you are?" Yes, I do - I do. 

right now I'm tired and a little bit scared, a little high on apprehension. tomorrow I'm taking my auntie to Mt. E for an examination by a urologist. please let it not be anything serious :/ 

I thought I would understand better after seeing it firsthand. I might understand why people club if I went to one, and why they gathered and played drinking games if I experienced it too. we didn't go clubbing but we did the drinking. well, I didn't drink (which was harder to accomplish than I thought, not because I was tempted but because s was being...forceful).

Hmm, I still don't understand. The culture shock was immense LOL. 

Is there something wrong with thinking that it's so sad? Not in a deprecatory manner, but in the original sense of the word, sad. I understand social drinking, but not drinking with the intent to get drunk. 

of course, it's fun. 

who are all these people on facebook LOL. I would be very glad to disconnect. 

How can I expect us to be even roughly the same, considering the vastly different upbringings and experiences we've had? I need to truly understand this in order to empathize. At least I recognize the problem, the deficiency of understanding that at least is being addressed :) 

finally, I have been a fool in some areas. thank goodness I figured it out soon enough, thank goodness I have a thinking brain to catch myself and thank goodness there is little hp lost. haha, yy chi ftw :D