Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Maybe you actually have to be here to understand. Maybe one needs to physically see, hear, feel and experience this place to understand.

I'm not saying this to shut anyone out. I'm saying it because my parents don't get it at all.

BMT is fun and I've learned a lot. I've had to do the dumb reflections, like 6 of them, and I've said that learning line in almost every one. Well, it's true.

Stupid cookhouse harrassment guy. It's all fun. Everything is just in the interest of fun. But now I feel like an animal in a zoo. I don't feel safe and it's nothing serious and maybe it's stupid because people like him were around from the start.

Yes, I am enjoying myself. No, I am not lying. Today was just a tough day. Tomorrow will be better :)

Dear mom and dad,
I just wanted you to tell me that everything would be okay. But I'm past that age, and you're past that patience.