Saturday, January 26, 2013


'those are things that you cannot change, don't bother worrying about them'

and then there are things that I can change, even in this limited time. Even if I have to be thick skinned... ^^' I will go all out.

I'm beginning to see it haunting the shadows of the corridors and misting in the antiseptic drafts of air. It's not glamorous at all. It's not quick and snappy. It's messy and ghosted with might-be-blood or blood-just-cleaned or the smell of sick and old and just really tired, sick, tired, people.

but this is, it's just, what I really want to do.

I don't know if I'm justifying to myself, or realizing it to myself. Anyway please, just before march, give me one week.

Come onnnnnnnnnnnnn. I can, can. can. can. I can.