Thursday, September 20, 2012


that was beautiful. should I tell you? :))

finished 3 books in 3 days (okay 2 1/2 HAHA I can't plow through Saki's short stories his humour is so savage and so, so funny--but bio won out and I went to zzland) so I suppose you were totally right; know me better than I know myself LOL.


5 mins 5 mins aaaarghgh it doesn't even matter I had to stop myself crushing paper LOL my heart isn't in it. and my head is who knows where gallivanting about leaving me to deal with things I cannot remember?? RAWR.

yy calm down :DDD actually I'm just being lazy ahhaha. sigh.

all the sad things going about. what to do? gosh I cannot write down everything in time. yeah that applies for my papers too D: but, but I know, really I do, that things will always, always get better. no matter how black things seem. even when the events, and your own mind and really everything seems to be working into this screwy no-way-out picture, giving up means you believe situations will never, 100% never get better and that isn't likely to happen yeah? :D

giving up is 'not an option' so it's said, but when it comes to yourself, just believe you're completely worth it (obviously, you are) and don't give up! ^^

I don't think this is targeting anything quite well. not supposed to. okay, so I just read coach choo's (sp?) recommended inspirational book :DD. But for now. now, this moment, seems like something I could do.

so awkward haha. the words are coming out so plainly, when things like this needs a composition, because it's feelings and not things that are happening right? am I making sense; no?; haha.

The Great Gatsby turned out to be awesome :))) it's considered to be one of the greatest love stories of all time, but I don't think it's a love story. partially, but not a complete love story, Gatsby in my searching for something in her, not her, not really, and why should he? she's nothing to be searched for.

wow. wowow it's alr been 10 mins of listening to good music and writing nonsense LOL.

hmm I offtracked up there.

I could say something childish (but mean it HAHA) like HUGS ARE DUE~!!!  alright I meant that xDD

you know when you said "just so that I could keep him there, you know, like there and not on his own thinking about those stuffs over and over and in the end do something crazy" I thought (even though I sort of, in some way, knew before) that wow, you knew. 

maybe everyone knows, and it wouldn't be a surprise anymore. that's not wonderful (it's sad, or melancholy, and compelling) but seeing the darkest sides and still being here means we're heckofa strong lot of people :D

and I mean that, too :)) 

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