Sunday, September 9, 2012

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No more tkd. aww. I didn't go yesterday. Won't go next week, or the next. So that's my excuse whenever I feel like kicking things, although chances are it's just math LOL.

and it exists!!! omg jess it exists!! xDD hahaha now I can go watch online, of course not now now but in the near future hehe :D

kinda scares me how near that near is.

my mom for some reason is very interested/involved in having that gathering. I have no idea why. however it's probably one of the few I would really...really look forward to. 'after A's' she says but I can't seem to make that mind-leap. After A's? The sheep jumps soars and hits the fence.

Somewhere in the newspaper a writer said, the search for happiness could be ultimately the cause for unhappiness.

So come. bring it on. unhappy me away, I have a very strange feeling it will be uncontrollably funny, for both ends.

"...and what, then are their proposed solutions?[...] D.H. Lawrence believes it is art and love, and love is the main idea explored in his novel..."

as the solution to everything, or a possible problem in itself, he did quite a good job. really fantastic. and maybe life won't wait for the self to catch up, maybe they have to be completed together, maybe there's something else altogether. of course there is.

anyway. soon I'll have to figure out how to bake a pretzel-shaped bagel for my brother. A cheese one. and name it a bazel, yay :)

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