Tuesday, August 7, 2012

present :)

I am trying. Bang, bang, bang, I've shot myself in the foot so many times it's like I have no toes left.

it's so strange, why is there a need to even try for something so fundamentally simple?

Blade runner runs without proper limbs. I can run without toes. Keep moving forward...'cause, even if moving forward is terrifying and painful, maybe even more so than sliding back, but-

it's worth it. not in the end because that seems like a mockery. but at least in the present of the future (all senses of the word).

speaking of which, I got a present today! :D :D

hehehe. paisehh. I feel like such a thick-skinned person hahah. but still very happy :D

and my nose has stopped running!!!!!

tmr is Brave!! Brave!! Brave!!!!! okay I'm like wonkying about. finish testimonial then go sleep LOL.

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