Monday, August 6, 2012


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sometimes I think about what a smile can be. and how amazing it is that people can smile - despite whatever. despite anything. it's a little miracle in everyone? :)))


"Are your eyes open?". Grasp him by the shoulder, an arm's length away. Look straight at him; don't blink. 

"Calm down, " he says, "you should sleep."

"If I sleep now, I will sleep forever." I drop my arms, turn to the sky, where night has begun to fall, like rain. "Are your eyes open?"

He stands motionless in lengthening shadows. "If they are, how would I tell?"

"Do you believe they are?"

"Should I?"

We stare at each other. Dusk sweeps down the horizon; daylight is a thousand heartbeats away. There are no answers.

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