Thursday, August 16, 2012

"Lonely" - 2NE1 x Sungha Jung

oh my gosh the guitar the guitar the guitar the song is so nice!!

cheers everyone. we'll make it. the darkest moments are seeing how far you can go, before releasing the spring and whizzing up through the air. (well, that's what would be ideal, right :D)

surprise surprise hanhao and gabu went gym yst!! :DDD hahha I was veryy amused, and idk really glad that I could have fun with my classmates! we don't actually have that much longer to talk crap.

BTW CONGRATS JESS I'M SO HAPPY :DD still happy yes!!!! that 17++ mins should just be made into a documentary la xDD amazing! zai. smiles!!!! :))))))

my biggest cheerleader  I love my daddy :3333

my dage enlisted two days ago! I think he looks really cool in his uniform and beret :D he gets to come home every day for the first month, but after that cannot D:

truth and reality. 'why is it this way for everyone? why has everyone agreed that it should be this way/ that this is normal?'. but I'm not that deep, so just: this is fine.


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