Sunday, August 12, 2012


I wish I had a helium pump so I could fill up balloons all the time, because I just really love balloons. >u<

the olympics are going to finish today!! it's a little sad for the last few competitors who have to stress it out while everyone else gets to play. well :) the playing doesn't matter so much as the winning or losing, I guess.

I think the olympic village's really amazing, it has the world's best athletes! trying to imagine that's pretty hard. like everyone'd be really nice to everyone else, right, because there'd be some people in there you really wouldn't like to mess with. and normal things like hanging out with friends and having some fun on the courts would be a completely diff experience. it's so cool so cool omg I wonder what a normal day at the gym in there would look like. hahahha.

and the tkd women vs tkd men's matches are so different o.o it's like when the guys come in the entire atmosphere of the competition changes, it actually seems like they're going for skull-smashing/ rib-breaking damage while the women's matches were less violent. whew. but the guys were awesome :D :D :D

Women In Love is being difficult to read. and analyse D: for example,

Gudrun watched her sister with impassive face and steady eyes.  
'One wants a new space to be in, I quite agree,' she said. 'But I think that a new world is a development from this world, and that to isolate oneself with one other person, isn't to find a new world at all, but only to secure oneself in one's illusions.' 
Ursula looked out of the window. In her soul she began to wrestle, and she was frightened. She was always frightened of words, because she knew that mere word-force could always make her believe what she did not believe. 

who writes something like this in a book? how could he? so intimate and revealing it's almost painful to read. Like some of their conversations in the book also. people don't talk like this (do they?) and anyway what am I supposed to make of this haha.

written in the 1900's and yet, the core issues that he talks about aren't really solved at all. and it's all chaos trying to solve it. oh well :)

and I made you promise - don't forget - well. I wasn't trying to be - anything. And you won't ever know how grateful I am or maybe even what I feel. but the promise needed to be made and please please please don't forget.

school is starting.

I want a job that's like a holiday :)))

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