Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Photo: The village of Gásadalur in the Faroe Islands

why couldn't you [guys] be girls, and I could hug you when I say hi, or grab your arms and pull you and run like crazy laughing like crazy across the courtyard. wishful thinking, or perhaps wistful?

I can't complain, though. there are so many people I'd squish if I could, and I even get to squish half of them! a world with so many squishable people's doing pretty well heyy? :D hahahh.

and self-fulfillment? what's that? is it a tingling feeling? no...I don't think so. self-fulfillment's maybe what allows someone to look in the mirror and think that I am worth something. 

Or maybe I'm freaking awesome, but that seems a little more like narcissism.

it's just a random point I won't elaborate. It doesn't work that way, does it? people find it from different places, in different ways, some live without finding it and some live searching for it. it's not, I think, the most important thing in life - and what's that, anyway? :D but it sort of dropped on my table today. it seemed that way, so yup. the word dropped, not the concept. yeah, imagine if my self-fulfillment fell on the table today. I actually don't know what to say about that, so I'mma skip it :D

hey, we're just human.

(hence everything, and nothing)

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