Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I followed my brother for a run just now to botanic, and speed-wise it was like a 10min version of our training run jess~ :D :D it was super funny actually, my dage was like, my back hurts! my ankle hurts *groans* aaaaagh sweat got in my eye!! ><

HAHAHA I was like =.= -______- and then after telling him to warm up properly next time, I told him sorry I was less than sympathetic, but I'd been through all that and I was still alive right?? (so I forget he's 2 years older and hence all rusty and rheumatic). then when we got home I made him go through all sorts of stretches and how can a 20 year old be like an old man??

he says he's running again on fri, if I can I shall join him. kachau him :D and yeah make him fitter!! his eczema is still pretty bad and he's in pes E so I think he doesn't need to worry about training up. but he says he wants to run and get fit anyway. yay~

sy told me I'm a morning person :D :D she's completely not, btw, she says she's a sleep person LOL. but that also means our morning walks to school are quite queer. in a happy-ish sort of way! she's be down and I'd be high. but then I think it's cause I'm always sort of high with her. so maybe not a morning person after all...hmm.

yeah it's like all I can come up with is the nonsense. but life is a joke. A levels included. ha.ha.

better do that darn gp homework D:

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