Monday, July 16, 2012




I think our seniors are really crazy crazy. and crazy nice and quite crazy awesome and so uninhibited LOL.


it's been so long. it's been so long; it's so unprecedented, completely unexpected, and yet it all comes back so smooth and fast. as if that length of time flung wide by words unsaid, by constraint, could be bridged by just your presence. just sheer human presence.

I thought I was better rooted - better walled. better protected. I lose to myself, but this time I suppose it's kind of a sweet loss.


I don't deserve my awesome family :') okay I really really got to do my best.

I <3 my family and I <3 my friends aww man.

and -- I think that there are some things that people don't get to choose. maybe that's just an excuse. maybe. but I know that what we do about whatever we have to face is completely our choice, and that's damn true. in all aspects of life, like I can't help getting impatient at some things, but I can recognize that I'm being short-fused and kick myself for being a stubborn mule and - be nicer :D

nyahhh. I can do it, you'll see :P


hey I don't know why you seem so down? :( maybe I really should do some cookie baking thing. there're a few people who seem to need cookies goshhh. and if my cookies fail, at least it'd make them smile. exploded cookies are awfully funny-looking. in a disastrous sort of way.

why so sad? pretty sure stress has smth to do with it but I wish I could make you smile. the :) smile. the kind of smile that makes your eyes go all >v<


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