Monday, July 9, 2012


today we went to NTU to support yuanwei :D :D although support is funny cause it wasn't a competition, just us watching cute cute cute primary school kids perform. htht with jess and we walked and explored the campus and the library!! talking about random stuff though mostly it was me being curious hahaha :D :D it was fun~~ <333 and really peaceful and nice ^^ ^^ <3333

I think the guy has the obligation to do smth abt it and not just disappear and go sleep lol. although us girls should be understanding? yeah but huh. he should be grilledddddd.

okay ohokay I don't have much time here

at the end of today, it's like,


you mean too much to me for me to be okay. that's a given and it's like duh, right? but if there are varying degrees of not okay, then this one is holdable. and besides, I'm worrying about you. 

I really really really don't know. and at the same time I'm pretty sure I know, how can this be so scary? yes, incoherence much, you get the general state of my mind. nevermind I can count to ten and banish it but

I wish --

I really do wish--

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