Tuesday, July 17, 2012


that was an interesting post :))))

somewhere in my notes, I remember D.H Lawrence decrying modern society, modern life and living - that it creates an inevitable gap between our inner and outer selves. people's true, 'natural' selves are estranged from the person they project to society, and the gulf between their inner existence and the world itself is hence even greater. 

okay, I tried my best not to make it sound convoluted. the 'who am I/ who am I, really?' question has probably been around since forever. maybe explored more in-depth when philosophers started, uh, philosophizing. but Lawrence firmly believes that modern society exacerbates the condition of not knowing who we are, by creating a fission (hmm. an empty space. an unbridgeable void) between who we are (our impulses, inner thoughts, dirty thoughts, stone thoughts etc...) and what we do/ how we act. 

just thinking, don't know how it ended up as so many many words. 

I think he's onto something - probably one of the reasons why he's such a famous acclaimed writer and all (he's dead btw). RIP! and if this disconnection is almost bred into us, then please don't be too harsh on ourselves. I don't think it's being weak, or escapist. I think it does exist, and we'd definitely need to reflect on it at some point in our lives, just don't be too demanding on ourselves? 

anyway thanks eleanor and van and jess for explaining the range gf thing to me today!! :D :D thank you jess for going through it so thoroughly and thanks van for explaining and drawing graph!!! thank you eleanor so so so much for not giving up on me even though it meant you had to repeat the explanation like 3 times in 3 different ways THANK YOU!!! <3333 I felt so bad and so dumb but you guys were so patient really really <33333!!! 



spazzing <3333


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