Sunday, July 8, 2012


first of all gotta say yesterday was damn fun :D but also sort of apologetic that it had to be on that day lolol. I decided to -- last week, but thought abt buying paint only on friday and they somehow came together on the same day? :/ bad planning lol. but really, thanks :))

'why' arh. I suppose since blocks alot of things were just going off-kilter, like leaping off ledges and I couldn't catch everything. at all. and I was trying to wipe everything clean and make it, make just one day, my day? sort of something like that.

in the end I wasn't able to ask. sigh. nevermind :))

today is going to be a happy day kayy. this post shall not be allowed to emo to the end :D


I see it as the fourth cycle that has repeated itself because of fundamentally the same reason. however, I don't want to do something stupid again. so I'm guessing we've agreed to be friends. and all the curveballs and whatnot are just going to be treated lightly, alright.

even I get pissed at people and blame them, when it's really my fault for not letting on it was annoying me. but at least I can figure that it's my fault, for expecting other people to read my mind.  at least, this is probably quite settled. peace & quiet.


I had to take this friday's tkd class since sir was on some international tkd comps thing. it was a learning experience aka a fiasco but still. all the poom belts were super helpful and we made it through somehowww. omg the last ten minutes were super funny when all the pooms were losing their temper (including me but I didn't shout - how to shout at kids?? later they cry howw) at the lower belts and shouting as loud as I've ever heard them go, which for some is still pretty soft hahah.

then after that I had htht with jiax and really really really omg I'm damn lucky to have such good friends. thanks so much for everything for letting me talk about all the emo crap and hugging me and offering advice and really just being an awesome friend <333

on another note I might just lock my room and block out all the --. we all have to do what we have to do, so just do it. the less time wasted on all of that -- the better. I'm being quite bad here but if it's going to benefit no one at all, and it's just something that you childishly want then I seriously have no patience (even though I have obligations to). ahhhhtsh I'm such a horrible child. alright alright no locked doors no impatience. sunshine and rainbows and unicorns.

My sister gave me this quote with a little picture (it’s on my wall along with a lot of other little pictures), and now I’m sharing it with you all because it makes me happy. I have been making a whole lot of animations lately and less of still pictures for some reason. -w-
totally :) 

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