Saturday, June 16, 2012


found it! haha it should apply to guys too. even though it's a girl's magazine. hahaha this is somehow amusing~ :DD

yesterday one of the tkd  parents asked me what secondary school I'm from .___.

and I have made friends with a cat! yayyy :DDD

whee. lalala.

I'm waiting for the little pods of sunshine to sprout and grow :)))) water it with, uh, tea? sweat? LOL.

actually I'm really interested so if you want, tell me if the food craving thing is true! :D I'm a spicy/salty food person :d

what a lot of weird questions kids ask. but if I had to be a rock, I would be a mountain! or a rock on a mountain. same diff hahaha. or not, but I don't want to be a rock that gets kicked around or stepped on or soaked by the sea or pounded by a waterfall. so I want to be a rock on a mountain! is that so weird :/ well the question was weird anyway :P

tomorrow is father's day! :)

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