Saturday, June 23, 2012

rainbows and rain


"Because he was just trying to be the busybody person he was, he went around in his usual interfering manner and tried to help, and offered his advice when asked. He never went against his conscience, though little things made him angry and it always showed plainly in his actions, the way he turned away too quickly and always stood a little coldly, a little more aloofly after that.

But when they called his name and he stood and walked the short distance, it started slowly - just clapping - but then like a breeze that only picks up, faster and stronger and sending everything flying forward with it, it spread - everyone was cheering, and clapping, shouting wordless calls that was their heartfelt congratulations. And he turned, and bowed."


I can't see why someone who can take on the hardest and sharpest words without skipping a beat, would have to fight tears and smile to stop her lips from trembling at something so small. seeing that somehow made me feel the weight of - the world, or something equally heavy, and even then it wasn't more than a fraction of what she carried.

I saw irrationality and thank goodness it wasn't the cold conscious-passion that's just you and a mirror, watching yourself, a marionette - a show. thank goodness I have the capability to make things change. 

that is the kind of smile I never want to see again.

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