Thursday, June 28, 2012


Bright bunnies on a Friday night. 8D

taking pictures from chibird because it is so cute!!! and very spaz hahaha now I feel spaz :X 

I was going to rant. okay alright I ranted and then deleted the thing, because while ranting I realised that hey you being in a bad mood yeah? yeah!! which is bad. yeahhhh. 

all the sunshine is on the other side of the equator! aww. anyway just 'cause you're in a brain dead umph mood now doesn't mean you gotta write out what you're feeling. which is basically all the little petty things at home that really just make me want to lock myself in my room for a bit. but no. nononono. 

did I mention we had mushrooms for dinner? very tasty :d hahahaha. 

no, really :D 

anyway, if I had to list one happy thing: I have found the perfect ultmate pyjama combination!!

and my pullups cheated me D: sorry van!! well it's just a pullup, though :DD even though it cheated me >.> 

my brother gave me his graduation bear (wait did I mention this before) and that kind of made me realise my room is like, a bear cave. a bear house. a bear party!! bear hugs <333 


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