Sunday, June 3, 2012

"Half Of My Heart" - John Mayer ft. Taylor Swift

the kind of dog I want :DD hahaha such a dreamer. an alaskan would just melt in singapore o.o

listening to john mayer over and over <333 :))) and over and over and over hahahaha.

all my pro thoughts went to I&I! D: 

well today we brought our cousins out for breakfast, they came all the way from malaysia to sample local food and buy gardenia bread and $11 gaming cards hahaha. dom lost weight and grew taller!!! like alot alot taller he's almost my brother's height and two years ago he was shorter than me! wowwww. wow wow wow. I see a lot of potential in my genes :))))

yup it was fun hahah. and we discovered an out of the way cafe (sort of) next to gastronomia so maybe I'll go there to study next weekend? :) 

the thing about Tess, as in my lit text haha, is that all it's references to nature and the counterproductive illogical man-made structure of convention, is that it makes me really really want to become a butterfly. or a tree. okay not a tree, that wouldn't be fun at all. it makes me want to climb the Alps. 

ohmygosh, then I can have an alaskan!!



I think embracing the scariest thing I've ever known might be the smartest thing I'd ever do :) oh but sometimes 

it's a little hard not to miss it. everything sweet and always always the tang of blood, a blossoming and a loss all together in a drop. there's something to be missed there, the complete lack of gray areas all wiped out by the two extremes...and there's something to be missed there, in two poles that have so much of a void it can't even stand possibilities and question marks. 

how is it possible to live life in between? and how is it possible not to? or is the ideal compromise the uncertain merging of in-between and opposite,

and does it even matter anyhow :/ between between. life doesn't have to be so complicated, noooo. 

maybe some geniuses leap right to the edge. and maybe some have found peace in utter normality. two kinds of beauty. 

hakuna matata :)

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